Incluindo pesquisadores latinoamericanos

Na conferência que fui em Porto Rico, da Internacional Communication Association, me pediram sugestões para aumentar o interesse de pesquisadores latinoamericanos. Escrevi esse pequeno texto, que compartilho com vocês.

Here are a few ideas that might be useful for ICA in its efforts to reach out to Brazilian and Latin American researchers in general.

Knowledge of the event

I was in Pittsburgh right before ICA and folks at CLAS-Pitt weren’t aware of the event and in Brazil it is not well known. I would establish contacts with Centers for Latin American research in the US and in Europe and with International Offices in major Latin American universities simply advertising ICA and its events.

Latin American researchers don’t all speak English, but younger researchers tend to do. I would do a special effort with that young crowd, with some sort of incentive grant or publication that could mobilize them and get ICA’s name out. Maybe Brazil’s Capes or CNPq or even São Paulo’s Fapesp could help you with that?

Selection process

I am including in this message the presentation at ICA given by a colleague, Mônica Martinez, on differences in scholarship between Brazil and the US. I think this has to be taken into account in the paper review process; diversity is not only geographical, but has to include modes of research and of presentation. Sometimes, it is true, our more speculative reasoning might fall into ideology. But, conversely, strictly empirical research often falls into the complete obvious. I believe the goal is to bring the best scholarship in different genres.


You might find this silly, but I felt the environment at ICA a bit cold for Latin American standards. Nothing against the Nordic folks, but I felt something missing and it was not Salsa. I was happy to find a few Brazilians and a Greek researcher with whom I instantly connected. In the next meeting, I would suggest that you organize a social meeting including the “Greater Mediterranean” crowd, i.e., Southern Europeans, Northern Africans (and other Africans) and Latin Americans. You might even want to have something academic there, a special panel, a talk about social sciences in the South Hemisphere (connecting with the previous topic).

Job Market

Think about Latin America as part of the job market. Unfortunately, Brazil will not offer many posts in the next years, but the previous decade was of expansion in higher ed and could have been an option for American and European PhDs. Maybe other countries? I know you don’t have a job fair, but maybe you have a job listing? It would be interesting to offer free access for Brazilian universities for the service, fostering a global academic environment.


Uma resposta em “Incluindo pesquisadores latinoamericanos

  1. O brasileiro, na conferência brasileira, é amigão. Mas o brasileiro, enquanto arquétipo do brasileiro de conferência, na conferência internacional é frio, distante, objetivo, e fechado. Estou estereotipando, mas é apenas um protótipo de cientista.

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