The Swaying Chandelier: Jews in São Paulo

Vamos lá, vai pessoal, o texto é bacana, merece seus dois dólares e meio. Está aqui.

A descrição de editor é essa: In the crowded synagogue, she would say:“Do you see that spot? That’s where my father sat!” my mother would point to the ground floor, all excited, as if I needed just a tiny effort to see him… InThe Swaying Chandelier: Jews in Sao Paulo, Brazilian writer Heloisa Pait takes a nostalgic but unsentimental look at the community that she grew up in, the lively but isolated Jewish community of Sao Paulo, Brazil’s largest city. Pait’s remarkable story blends fiction and reportage to create a rich, subtle and affecting memoir in essay form. She teaches at the São Paulo State University, where she researches media and culture. She is a recipient of the prestigious Guimarães Rosa Award for her book of short stories Unspoken Words. Her superb collection of interwoven e-leafs On Books and Men is available from our Bookstore.

E no PDF anexo vai o começo do texto: The Swaying Chandelier

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